Pharrell Williams “Freedom” Live at Glastonbury 2015

This was a very big show for us. I believe there are over 200k people at this festival. We were on 2nd to last. Kanye after us. Being onstage with P as he plays his newest single the first few times is really powerful. This song means a lot to him and you really feel it. The crowd didn’t stop singing the song so we performed it twice. Pretty amazing when you think that the song isn’t even released yet.

Snoop “So Many Pros”


It’s exciting to play on a record that has others like Pharrell, Snoop, Chad Hugo, Rhea, Mick Guzauski, Charlie Wilson, Mike Larson, & Andrew Coleman credited. But seeing your name in the video next to them is something else! Super honored to have worked on this album!

Here’s another video “So Many Pros” from Snoops album. One of my favorites. Video is really dope also!

This is another song I played on. Andrew and I got a good amount of days to really go in on these guitars.

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