Cris Cab “Loves Me Not”

Here is another Cris Cab song I did with Cris, PJ McGinnis, & Dallas Austin a few months back. Love this video that Aggressive did. Hope you enjoy as much as I did writing the song with the guys.

Also check out Cris Cab on tour with us (Pharrell Williams) this Sept. – Oct. 2014.

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Girls’ Generation “Goodbye”

Girls’ Generation song Produced by Brent Paschke. Co-Written by Brent Paschke, Lindy Robbins & Jenna Andrews.

In the 1st week the song hit #10 on the South Korea Gaon Chart & has sold over 147,ooo downloads!

This is a song I did with a couple amazing writers Lindy Robbins & Jenna Andrews. What a blast it was to do this song. We were originally writing to get a song on Jenna’s album. This is how I feel most of the best songs happen, when writing just for a vibe, writing just to dig for the feel of the artist in the room & waiting for that magic moment when the artist says “that’s it!” That’s how this song came about.

Jenna has this incredible old soul voice and vibe so I wanted to go for a more organic & classic production. Starting with a Rhodes piano & not pulling out production tricks was the way to go. Just let the song speak for itself. Very easy to do when you have someone like Jenna & Lindy taking charge on the lyric & melody.

We finished the song & heard nothing from the label. Mid deal they decided to change direction. Who knows why but ended up being great for all of us.

After the call that I got the cut I just had to prepare the Protools session for SM Entertainment to translate & record vocals. Always a bit of a tough thing to do not knowing what will happen to your arrangement. But have to say with this one I’m so impressed! They really got the feel! The girls did an amazing job at capturing the vibe we were looking for.

So hats off to Girls’ Generation and thanks to SM Entertainment & Girls Generation for doing this song justice!

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Spymob “Memphis”

About 10 years ago my band Spymob decided to get in the studio to make an album. After touring for a few years on the road not only as Spymob but also as the backing band for N.E.R.D. we felt we needed to record some new music. John had been listening to quite a bit of county at the time & had also amassed a collection of country songs he had written . We all loved them and just thought they really needed to get recorded.

So now Jan 21 2014 we will be releasing this album. We are all very excited about it. It’s a little bit of a departure from our last sound but we are all very proud of this record. Hope you all enjoy it!

The album will be released on iTunes:

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