N.E.R.D – Oct 2018 Run

Just finished up an awesome 18-day tour run with N.E.R.D. Got this pic from Joshua Halling. Me in full N.E.R.D. gear with my new TeleGib guitar I had built modeled after my 1957 Tele. Always wanted a Tele like my ’57 but with humbuckers. I was inspired by the guitar Seymour Duncan built for Jeff Back in the 70’s. I’m really loving this guitar!

Duncan SSL1 & JB

Had to write about these stock Duncan pickups. For the Pharrell “Dear Girl” tour that we just started we had clear acrylic instruments made. Of course I was pretty nervous being my main guitar for years has been my trusted 1957 Tele. I never tried different pickups in my guitars, I just happened upon some dope guitars in my early 20’s and stuck with them. But I found over the years of trying to get a vintage sound even close to what I have has been quite a problem. But have to say these SSL1’s sounds amazing! And even in a guitar that is acrylic. To be honest I’m a bit mad that I didn’t get on this search earlier. You can get a good vibe for the sound checking out our iTunes festival show shot on 9-10-14.



N.E.R.D. V Festival 2004

Picture taken by my guitar tech Jason Larson. One of my favorite shots. Been asked if it was photo shopped. Always respond with by telling them to check out one of the other gigs on that tour.

Would have to say Spymob being the backing band for N.E.R.D. was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. To me it was complete musical bliss. We got to play music with a focus on doing something different, taking risks and just pocketing a groove night after night. N.E.R.D. was a band that also crossed many genres, hip hop, rock, funk. which was always fun to take on not being stuck in one vibe.

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