Cris Cab “Loves Me Not”

Here is another Cris Cab song I did with Cris, PJ McGinnis, & Dallas Austin a few months back. Love this video that Aggressive did. Hope you enjoy as much as I did writing the song with the guys.

Also check out Cris Cab on tour with us (Pharrell Williams) this Sept. – Oct. 2014.

You can buy this video on iTunes at:

Cris Cab “The Fire” Featuring The Green

In 2010 I got a call from Star Trak saying Pharrell wanted me to go to Miami to work with a new artist he’s signing named Cris Cab. I know Pharrell well so knew this must be a talented kid but really didn’t know what stage he was at. My job was at that point to just put a band together for him so he could start playing around his home town of Miami.

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