Grooves From Outta Space V.1 – Available 03/20/19

When Brent Paschke and Eric Fawcett set out to create a gritty, rootsy space-funk sample pack for Splice, they knew the collection wouldn’t be complete without the engineering genius of Andrew Coleman.

Paschke (AKA Jerry Stringer), Fawcett, and Coleman are best known for their longtime work with the legendary production duo The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo). The three first met in 2001 when Pharrell and Chad asked Spymob (Brent and Eric’s band) to play all the live instruments on N.E.R.D.’s acclaimed debut, In Search Of…. Coleman, the two-time Grammy award-winning engineer behind every hit in The Neptunes epic discography dating from the mid-nineties to the current top 10 albums Sweetener by Ariana Grande and Man of the Woods by Justin Timberlake, recorded those sessions. Since then, Paschke and Fawcett have continued to work with The Neptunes, and they remain the primary contributors of live guitar and live drums on all N.E.R.D. albums to date, with Coleman at the board for every session.

Through years of collaboration, Brent, Eric, and Andrew developed a distinct sound, a signature vibe melding earthy roots funk with intergalactic textures heard and loved by millions of fans around the world.

Grooves From Outta Space: Volume 1 is the trio’s debut in the sample-library world, and it’s the first time their singular sound has been shared outside of their respected camps in the music industry. And at last YOU can access this sound to complement your own amazing creations.


There are 11 construction kits in this pack.

Each kit contains one reference track along with all the individual elements used to build that track. While the reference tracks serve as examples of how the various elements within each kit work together, they can also be used as musical foundations for you to build on. Each loop, one shot, and track is uniquely labeled to make it easy to combine parts as you like.

N.E.R.D – Oct 2018 Run

Just finished up an awesome 18-day tour run with N.E.R.D. Got this pic from Joshua Halling. Me in full N.E.R.D. gear with my new TeleGib guitar I had built modeled after my 1957 Tele. Always wanted a Tele like my ’57 but with humbuckers. I was inspired by the guitar Seymour Duncan built for Jeff Back in the 70’s. I’m really loving this guitar!

Pharrell Williams “Freedom” Live at Glastonbury 2015

This was a very big show for us. I believe there are over 200k people at this festival. We were on 2nd to last. Kanye after us. Being onstage with P as he plays his newest single the first few times is really powerful. This song means a lot to him and you really feel it. The crowd didn’t stop singing the song so we performed it twice. Pretty amazing when you think that the song isn’t even released yet.