Duncan SSL1 & JB

Had to write about these stock Duncan pickups. For the Pharrell “Dear Girl” tour that we just started we had clear acrylic instruments made. Of course I was pretty nervous being my main guitar for years has been my trusted 1957 Tele. I never tried different pickups in my guitars, I just happened upon some dope guitars in my early 20’s and stuck with them. But I found over the years of trying to get a vintage sound even close to what I have has been quite a problem. But have to say these SSL1’s sounds amazing! And even in a guitar that is acrylic. To be honest I’m a bit mad that I didn’t get on this search earlier. You can get a good vibe for the sound checking out our iTunes festival show shot on 9-10-14.



Cris Cab “Loves Me Not”

Here is another Cris Cab song I did with Cris, PJ McGinnis, & Dallas Austin a few months back. Love this video that Aggressive did. Hope you enjoy as much as I did writing the song with the guys.

Also check out Cris Cab on tour with us (Pharrell Williams) this Sept. – Oct. 2014.

You can buy this video on iTunes at: